Dr. A. K. M. Monjur Morshed

Department of Mechanical Engineering, BUET


ME 6113(Energy Engineering)M.Sc.2019
ME203 (Engineering Thermodynamics)L-2, T-12019
ME 307(Heat Transfer Equipment Design)L-3, T-22018
ME 417(IC Engine)L-4, T-12018
ME 6113(Energy Engineering)M.Sc.2017
ME409 (Renewable Energy)L-4, T-22015
ME 265 (Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer)L-2, T-22015
ME 160 (Mechanical Engineering Drawing-I)L-1, T-12015
ME268 (Mechanical Engineering Fundamental Sessional)L-2, T-22015
ME 6113(Energy Engineering)M.Sc.2015
ME 201 (Basic Thermodynamics)L-2, T-12014
ME202 (Heat and Mass Transfer Sessional-I)L-2, T-12014
ME304 (Heat and Mass Transfer Sessional-II) L-3, T-12014
ME 6135 (Advanced Convection Heat Transfer)MSc2013
ME303 (Convection, Boiling, Condensation and Mass Transfer)L-3, T-22013
ME267 (Mechanical Engineering Fundamental)L-2, T-22013
ME304 (Heat and Mass Transfer Sessional)L-3, T-22013
ME 221 (Elements of Fluid Mechanics and Machinery)L-2, T-22008
ME 322 (Fluid Mechanics Sessional-I)L-3, T-12008
ME 160 (Mechanical Engineering Drawing-I)L-1, T-12008
ME 302 (Heat Transfer Sessional)L-3, T-12008