Dr. A. K. M. Monjur Morshed

Department of Mechanical Engineering, BUET



  1. M.Sc.Engg. Thesis (2019): A Molecular Dynamics Study of the Effect of Particles Geometry on Thermal Transport Properties of Nanofluids. Student: Md. Rakibul Hasan Roni
  2. M.Sc.Engg. Thesis (2019): Nanoscale Thermal Transportation Behavior of Water by Molecular Dynamics Simulation. Student: Md.Rubayat Bin Shahadat
  3. M.Sc.Engg. Thesis (2019): Study of Heat Pipe Heat Exchanger for Waste Heat Recovery Application. Student: Md.Farhan Sakil
  4. M.Engg. Thesis (2018): Effect of Air Intake and Exhaust System on The Performance of a Biomass Cook Stove. Student: Tarek Ur Rahman Erin
  5. M.Sc. Thesis (2017): Performance of Water Cooled Minichannel Heat Sink with Cross Flow. Student: Md. Fazlul Bari
  6. M.Sc. Thesis (2017): A Molecular Dynamics Investigation of Heat Capacity of Nanogap Confined Liquid. Student: Rifat Mahmud
  7. M.Sc. Thesis (2015):Convection Due to Spatially Distributed Sinusoidal Bump-Like Heating. Student: Umera Sarjana
  8. M.Sc. Thesis (2015):A Molecular Dynamics Study of Enhanced Thermal Transport from Nano-engineered Solid Liquid Interfaces. Student: Aashique Alam Rezwan



  1. Heat Transfer Characteristics of a Phase Change Material Fluid in Microchannels under Pulsating Flow Condition
  2. Effect of Different Parameters on the Thermal Conductivity of Single Layer Graphene
  3. 2018

  1. Experimental Investigation of Condensing Heat Transfer on a Perforated Copper Plate
  2. Experimental Investigation of Heat Pipe Heat Exchanger (HPHE) for Waste Heat Recovery Application
  3. Experimental Investigation of Heat Transfer Over a Wetted Surface
  4. A Numerical Investigation of Heat Transfer Behavior of Air Water Mist Inside a Duct


  1. Effect of Vacancy Defect and Lithium Insertion on Thermal Conductivity of a Silicon Nanowire: A Molecular Dynamics Study
  2. A Numerical Investigation of Heat Transfer Enhancement Techniques in Mini-channel Heat Sink.
  3. Numerical Analysis of Performance Parameters of Conventional Brick Kilns
  4. Numerical Simulation of Natural Ventilation of Residential Building
  5. Energy and Lighting simulation for optimized energy performance of an Educational Building
  6. Design and Development of a Vapor Ejector Cooling System


  1. Design of PCM Thermal Storage Unit for HVAC system
  2. Reduced Thermal Conductivity of a Nanoparticle Decorated Nanowire: A Non-Equilibrium Molecular Dynamics Study
  3. A Molecular Dynamics Study of Thermal Transport in Nanoparticle Doped Argon like Solid
  4. Thermal Battery Using PCM For Milk Chilling
  5. A Study of the Performance of Microbial Fuel Cell Using Different Electrode and Media


  1. Forced Convection Heat Transfer in a Microchannel with Nanofluid Incorporating Different Shapes
  2. Thermal Performance of a Water Cooled Microchannel Heat Sink for Different Chip and Channel Arrangement
  3. Thermal Performance of Mini-channel Heat Sinks of Different Shapes with Integration of Micro-Fin